Matric Solved Assignments

Matric Solved Assignments Spring 2020

You can order matric solved assignments using this page. This website is part of Awan Education consultants. We deal in all types of assignments e.g. PDF hand made and AIOU LMS online assignments.

You may think why he is selling assignments online!. Well, we are doing it because we do it with the guarantee matric solved assignments. We are responsible for our assignments.

aiou solved assignments spring 2019



Please have a look at the below list. We have all these assignments you can order from.

200 Selling of Home Made Products Matric
201 Islamiat Matric
202 Pakistan studies Matric
203 General Science Matric
204 Urdu For Daily Use Matric
205 Arabic Matric
209 General Home Economics Matric
215 Education Matric
219 Home and Farm Operations Managements Matric
251 Ethics (For Non-Muslim) Matric
257 Fruit Production Matric
206 Family Health and Care Matric
207 Compulsory English – I Matric
208 Garment Making – I Matric
210 Garment Making – II Matric
211 Poultry Farming Matric
212 Maintenance of House Hold Electrical Appliance Matric
217 Food and Nutrition Matric
218 First Aid – I Matric
221 Compulsory English – II Matric
222 Applied Food & Nutrition Matric
242 Seerat-e-Tayyeba Matric
247 Mathematics – I (Urdu) Matric
248 Mathematics – II (Urdu) Matric
252 Lab Techniques in Physics Matric
256 Vegetable Growing Matric
258 Lab Techniques in Chemistry Matric
259 Lab Techniques in Biology Matric
260 Information Technology Basics Matric

Cost of Matric Assignments

We are offering these assignments in soft format and handed made format.

Soft format assignments

Soft format is the one which you can get on email or Whatsapp mean it is computer compose or pictures of solved assignments. You need to rewrite them after you have them.

It will cost you 30 Rupees for each assignment.

Hand Made Assignments

Hand made assignments are the ones you can order and can directly submit them to the teachers. That means you no need to rewrite or do any extra work on them.

It will cost you 200 rupees for each assignment.

How to Order Assignments

You can order these assignments online. Before you start any order please make sure which one you need. I mean hand made or PDF format.



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